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gay cast fetish 

Good news, my friends of rigid bandages! We set the date for the next Cast Camp in 2023! We hope, this gives you enough time to adjust your planning and the world to get mostly rid of the pandemic. We will go to mid Denmark to the west coast of the North Sea and the region is called Blåvand. Start date is 04 Mar 2023!

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Stop The War!

I’m more than happy to announce, that all revenue of my website starting from the first day of war in the Ukraine on 24 Feb 2022 was donated to help the Ukrainian people.

2017-09 lats - pictures added

My broken elbow in a . Was an exciting time with my in the and I had lots of interesting adventures with my friends. Had to wear this restrictive cast in a sling most of the time to cure it better.

🏳️‍🌈🇩🇪 Sorry, Geman only 🇩🇪🏳️‍🌈

Das Sommerloch ist gestopft, das nächste Kapitel meiner schwulen Fantasy und Fetisch Geschichte ist online!

2016-09 term slwc - new videos

As I’m in London with a classic green : Broke my ankle while running and got this with . Since the weather is nice, my long gay toes are free and not covered with a sock. Have to wear this cast during all my 2 weeks holiday in the capital!

2022-06 llc – Cast Fest

A visit at the guy, who fell in love with my toes. Did a 5 hours ride via train with my and . It was a really exciting trip with a lots of staring at my cast! And then, me and my toes got a very warm welcome from my marvelous host. And on top, we got a visit from the famous caster Ben Simon, to whom I applied his first llwc ever. What an amazing flash back and exciting !

Rudely awoken by scaffolding going up on my building, but I needed to get up anyway

Summer weather means it's too hot for onesies. 🌞
No more onesies means these teddy bears are coming out to play! 🧸

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