Stop The War!

I’m more than happy to announce, that all revenue of my website starting from the first day of war in the Ukraine on 24 Feb 2022 was donated to help the Ukrainian people.

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@GaySkaterCaster >softcore porn? good to go and family friendly, don't tag it as nsfw >a flag of an illegitimate country? now that's nsfw don't want the kids to see that i think being gay makes people more retarded
@lina @GaySkaterCaster Remember that clip of 5 things gays can never be good at and one was good at math. This is one of those times
@Aether @GaySkaterCaster they are good at math only when it comes to keeping track of how many people they spread monkeypox and GRIDS to
@lina @pomstan @GaySkaterCaster Turing wasn't that significant, he is only promoted because Gay and helped crack the Nazi's enigma.

Charles Babbage created the first computer in 1837. Problem was his machining skills sucked and the computer didn't work. When someone else built a replica later they discovered that he was right
@pomstan @lina @GaySkaterCaster Polish mathematicians had done that pre-war.

Turing automated the process
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