Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the moderators.

  1. No hate speech/discrimination/etc ヘイトスピーチ/差別/その他の禁止 혐오발언/차별 등 금지 禁止仇恨言論/歧視/等
  2. No gore or graphic violence ゴチやグラフィックの暴力はありません 유혈 또는 노골적인 폭력 없음 禁止血腥或血腥暴力
  3. No sexual depictions of children 子供の性的描写は禁止 아동에 대한 성적 묘사 금지 禁止對兒童進行性描寫
  4. No harassment/stalking ハラスメント/ストーカー禁止 괴롭힘/스토킹 금지 禁止騷擾/跟踪
  5. NSFW content (including nudity) is permitted so long as it's marked as sensitive and behind a content warning NSFW コンテンツ (ヌードを含む) は、機密としてマークされ、コンテンツ警告の背後にある限り許可されます NSFW 콘텐츠(과도한 노출 포함)는 민감하다고 표시되고 콘텐츠 경고 뒤에 있는 한 허용됩니다 NSFW 內容(包括裸體)是允許的,只要它被標記為敏感並且在內容警告後面